Here at Good Hope we welcome volunteers with open arms. Volunteers make an invaluable contribution to each and every child at Good Hope. We look for volunteers who are open-minded, passionate about helping others and who look forward to the experiences of living in a developing country. We welcome volunteers of all skills, education and experience levels from every continent. The children, the administrators of the Orphanage, the School teachers as well as the volunteers all share and learn great amount from this unique opportunity. There are a number of ways that you can volunteer while staying at Good Hope, these include:

  • Orphanage: assist the staff with the cooking, cleaning and taking care of the children. Play with the children, teach them new games, introduce various learning activities and help with the homework. No experience necessary; English speaking preferred, experience with children beneficial.
  • School: assist the teachers with classes, mark homework and help them to enhance their lesson plans. Normally volunteers split their time between the Orphanage and School. No experience necessary; teaching skills beneficial. English speaking required because lessons are taught in English.
  • Construction: assist contractors with some of the projects they are doing on the School grounds. Projects can include building the new orphanage, school classrooms, medical clinic, bakery, etc. No experience necessary; construction background beneficial. English and/or Swahili speaking preferred to communicate with workers.
  • HIV/AIDS Awareness: when you are not working at the Orphanage/School, spend time working with the ‘Fighting AIDS in Tanzania’ organization to educate people about AIDS, and help those with the disease learn to better take care of themselves. No experience necessary; medical background, facilitation/teaching experience beneficial. English and/or Swahili speaking required for communication with locals and translators.


14231385_1233822416670562_8887650137701038589_oDownload the Volunteer Manual If interested, please fill out our New Volunteer Application.